Professional Pieces in NZ

My name is Vincent. i am a young upcoming professional artist from Canterbury New Zealand, looking at selling some fantastic art works. Art has been a passion of mine from my early years, and now hope to display my works world wide. feel free to make any suggestions, offers or just voice any interest at all thank you

Monday, January 28, 2008

Final decision

well, iv finally decided on the format for the piece, and after my accounting test just attacked it...

but atleast progress has been made. only a few more minor adjustments and it will be done.

touch up time.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

ok... so im going with a roses and ivy design now... a very complicated one at this...

fingers crossed i get to sleep tonight!!!

so good idea? wrong idea.

the other option was a simple face, female, crying.... according to all those iv talked to.
that or a crying mask...

but this provides more of a challange.

Very Productive day!

another horible photo... but there is progress towards finishing.

however i have moved from my main design, and removed the 2nd rose.

anyone with any advise as to what to do with the left of the piece, please speak up, it would be much appreciated.

Monday, August 13, 2007

ok, this is a new piece im working on right now.
planning on having one side rought and the other smooth, with a rose appearing in each, on the red back ground.

the rose on the left has been done realy horribly so far, and it is realy just a rough start, but it is progress.

the scarriest thing is puting brush to canvas for the first stroke, but i think its looking reasonable.
post any coments you have about it, or advice. thanks.

The artist